about me

My name is Kristin Ashdown and I am passionate about helping people create healthier lifestyles.

I am a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I believe in food as medicine and helping people discover the life changing power of real food – in particular, whole, plant-based food. In addition, I will help you discover healthy lifestyle habits that will last a lifetime.

Together, we will work as a team to help you achieve your healthiest, happiest YOU!

how it began

About eight years ago, I became very interested in everything regarding nutrition. In fact, some in my family may say I became a little obsessed with it.

my education

I have taken numerous courses and have received a number of certifications along the way - everything from nutritional biochemistry to advanced functional nutrition, and several specialized cooking classes.

I was on a quest to find out which type of food was the best for my body to allow it to function at an optimal level. What I discovered was the incredible impact of what we eat three times a day, and how that can affect how we age, how our bodies perform, and how well our brains are functioning. I also learned so much about our current industrialized food system and how our food choices affect not only us, but millions of animals and the environment.



I feel that the food we eat on a daily basis should be a source of energy, empowerment, nourishment, and enjoyment. Because of these and several other reasons, I have become a passionate advocate for plant based whole foods. I specialize in helping people transition to a whole food plant-based diet or mostly to a whole food plant-based lifestyle. However, every person is unique and I do recognize the importance of bio individuality and that not one diet works for everyone. So together we will find out what works just for you. 


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