my mission

My goal is to inspire you to eat more plants - for the health of your body, the animals, and the environment.

Living, natural plant foods have the most amazing ability to totally change and uplift your energy.

I have personally experienced the benefit of consuming a predominately whole food plant-based diet. My own family members have also observed great health benefits from making the switch to a diet abundant in whole foods, rich in fruits and vegetables. My husband, a cyclist, could not believe the difference he felt on the bike, and when recovering from his rides, once he incorporated more plant based whole foods into his diet.


It has become my passion to share with you what I have learned in the hopes that I may inspire you to appreciate the incredible body that you have. I want to encourage you to nurture your body with the love and respect it deserves.


In addition, I hope that I can shed some light on our food production system. We need to understand that the food choices we make today not only affect us, but also millions of animals and our environment.

I strongly believe in living with intention every day, and that includes eating intentionally and  making a commitment to focus on what really matters. This includes not only choosing to consume food that makes our bodies feel good, but also feeling good about the choices that reflect our values. It is about listening to our inner wisdom and making the best choices that are not only beneficial to us and those around us, but also to our planet.





I truly believe in the sacredness of all living things and the interconnectedness of everyone and everything. With this in mind, I strive hard to make ethical choices in my everyday life. What I discovered was that an amazing phenomenon occurred when I made this connection between my food choices and the impact it had on animals and the environment. By nurturing my body with nutritious, life-promoting food not only was I nourishing my body – I was nourishing my soul!


​My mission is to help you transition to a whole food plant-based diet, or at least help you to incorporate more plant-based foods into your diet. Whether you do it for the health of your body, for the animals, or for the environment … JUST DO IT!


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